The Business of Web Design

Level: Intermediate
Presenter: Eli the Computer Guy
Date Created: March 16, 2010
Length of Class: 85 Minutes

Web Design

How to Become an IT Consultant
Purpose of Class

This class teaches students about selling web design services to their clients
Topics Covered

Why the Market for Web Design is Good
The Sales Pitch
Selling Marketing Packages vs. Websites
How to Use Professional Graphics and Photographs
What Business Owners Want from a Website
Web Design Clients
Billing for Services
Class Notes

The sales pitch
Real businesses have websites
FREE advertising
How can it save them money
Value added — like videos
Packages (Marketing Campaigns)
Sell whole packages not simply a single website (Include business cards, flyer’s, coffee mugs)
Basic website and email and Google Local analytics setup
Use fancy words
Website Creation / KISS
WordPress and templates are OK
Business Owners want functionality NOT art
Fake the Funk
Outsource logo design services for pictures and graphics
They pay up front
They need the site tomorrow, but then take 3 weeks to get any information to you
You NEED buy-in from the client
Have them sign a specific contract, have them sign prototype designs
Bill as a project
Be VERY specific in contract
c. Basic sites should be 0-00, including extras like business cards and brochures can increase the value to ,000

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