Terms and Conditions

Please read all Terms and Conditions of the Maintenance Plan

I . Content

New content is defined as a brand new page, post, image, video, map, form. New Content is also defined as changes to the current page that affect more than 25% of the current content and/or more than 1 paragraph and/or rearranging more than one element on that page.

Pages (new and edited) are limited to 2 per month, posts are limited to 10 per month, and images are limited to 10 sizing/formatting/uploading per month. Pages and Posts are defined as a single 8.5″ X 11 document, Arial font, 12 font size, and single spaced. Additional pages, posts, and graphic design offered for an additional fee of $35/hr (min. 1 hour). Plugins are not included free of charge on a new page/post. Ex. You would like a booking system for your clients; the page would be free (up to 2 per month), the booking system would be billed for the cost of the plugin.

Adding new products to your eCommerce store is limited to 10 additional products per month. Additional products billed at normal rate of $35/hr (min. 1 hour). Products are physical or downloadable. Reservations, Events, Appointments, Bookings, other Service related sales are not products.

You are entitled to unlimited changes to your contact information (e.g. address, phone, email) and copyright.

II . Backups

Once per month a backup is performed for your website including all text, database, and media files. If you require a copy of the backup at any time, please login into your account and download the current documents available on the last day of each month. You may also submit a support ticket to have the backup forward to you in zip format.

***Please note that backups are not performed unless you remain under the Maintenance Program. If you decide to cancel (no obligation), all backups will be immediately deleted. If anything happens to your site, we will not have a copy to forward you. Only 2 backups will be maintained at a time.

If your site is affected by a virus/hackers, we will remove all malware, and other destructive programming code, and restore your site free of charge.

III. Hosting Support and Transfers

You are entitled to 1 free transfer per month to a new domain name and/or hosting provider. Please inform us of the need to change prior to signing up with the new company so that we can perform an immediate backup of your files and make the necessary preparations to move your service. Additional move requests outside of the allotted 1 per month will be billed at $35/hr per move/transfer. (min. 1 hour). You will receive a reminder of the domain expiration at least 60 days before expiration assuming we have access to your Control Panel. If not, this service is not provided.

IV. Media

You are entitled to free image sizing for print/web limited to 2 per month (This involves billboards, business cards, brochures, post cards, banners, and other marketing material. This does not include custom graphics, vector design, or other graphic design. Ex. You are purchasing business cards from VistaPrint and they require certain dimensions for your logo. Submit a ticket and we will provide those dimensions for you. ***Please note that we retain all original files provided by you for your web site. If you provided a logo that was 100 pixels wide, we can not submit to you a logo formatted for a highway billboard unless you provided that logo in (full) Vector (ex. ai => Adobe Illustrator) format.

You have access to our library of Stock Photography free of charge (unlimited). If you see it on our website, it’s yours.

IV. Other Considerations

Consultation services are not included in the Maintenance Plan. The expectation is that content will be provided in writing and direction given regarding the layout. Consultation services are billed at $35/hr (min 1 hour). Any research requested by client falls under this clause.

In addition to Consultation services, Custom Graphic Design, Plugins, and other non text content (that is outside of the current monthly allotment, falls under this clause. Each service will be billed at $35/hr (min 1 hour).

Please allow up to 48 hours for ticket resolution.

V. Changes to the Terms and Conditions

It is your responsibility to stay updated on the terms and conditions of the Maintenance Program. If any changes are made to this document, we will notify you in the current month’s invoice. If the invoicing period has passed, you will be notified on the next invoice. All changes are in effect starting with the billing period after notification is delivered or 30 days after the date below, whichever is sooner.

How It Works

Simply create a ticket by logging to your user profile and clicking on Support Ticket. You will be assigned an operator to address your issue. Most issues can be resolved within 24 hours. However, additions to your site such as new graphic design, page (re)construction, and the addition of multiple sale products may take longer. An estimated time will be provided to you per project.

All invoices must be paid prior to work commencement.

Please ensure that all administrator passwords are the same as is listed in your profile. If not, please update your profile prior to submitting a ticket.

You may cancel your plan at any time with no obligation. Month to Month Plans are not eligible for refunds. Semi-Annual plans may receive a pro-rated refund within 60 days of signing up and for the final 4 months only. Annual plans may receive a pro-rated refund within 90 days of signing up and for the final 9 months only.