Marketing Campaigns

Finally – a team of creative people that can communicate your message with effectiveness AND affordability.

You’ve tried numerous advertising programs and have enjoyed some success along the way. But, something was always missing. You want a cohesive marketing program that nurtures your would-be clients along the path from “prospect” to satisfied client. You need a campaign that reaches your most valuable potential clients on many levels of communication: in the press, online, in the mail, face-to-face , and at your industry events and trade shows.

One message. Many channels. Reaching your target audience over and over again — until they become long-standing, satisfied clients.

You need an approach and a partner that can position your message creatively and execute that campaign with efficiency.

Public Relations Strategy

How will we get there, if we don’t know where we’re going?  Public relations is not haphazard.  It is executed strategically and its results are measurable.  The cornerstone of our service is to develop a strong strategy from which all P.R. activities will derive.

Communication Plan

The news moves at lightning speed.  One way to ensure that we aren’t left at the station is to draft a communication plan complete with timelines and execution dates.  We show you how to incorporate this plan into your ever day work.

Press Kit

The press kit is your company’s resume.  It gives a reporter detailed information to craft a story.  It’s the first tangible to a serious public relations strategy.

Media Strategy

I know it’s tempting, but all companies don’t need exposure on Oprah.  A media strategy helps us identify the outlets important to your target audiences.

Story Ideas

Believe it or not, all companies have something to lend to current news.  We help you craft story ideas that are important to your respective media outlets.

Industry Research

One of the easiest ways to align with reporters is to establish yourself as an expert in your field or industry.  We show you some simple ways to accomplish this.

Media Contacts

Dealing with the media is a very personal thing.  So, it’s imperative to have the correct contact names and titles when reaching out to them for exposure.  We maintain up-to-date media lists to provide this information at a moment’s notice.

Media Follow Up

If a tree falls in the forest and we don’t hear it, does it make a sound?  If you make front-page news, it’s important that you know about it.  During the campaign we follow up to determine the success of our media outreach, and we show you how to continue these efforts when the campaign is over.


Since public relations is ongoing and ever-changing, we need constant evaluation to know whether our strategies are working.  We provide tangible evaluation tools to make this assessment easier.

  • Media Tours – Ever wonder how to maximize the opportunity to spread major news?  Maybe you named a celebrity spokesperson to endorse your product or service.  That’s easy — schedule a press junket or media tour and interview with several media outlets in a few days.
  • Image Packaging – The old adage “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” is truer than ever.  For public appearances, we will help you create an image that complements your company’s brand identity.
  • Community Relations –  Fostering goodwill in the communities where your customers live and work is a critical component of being a good business citizen.  We will help you improve your community relations by aligning your philanthropic goals with respective causes.
  • Partnership Alignment – The A-list is not just for Hollywood.  We can enhance your business image by strategically positioning you at high-profile venues and events.
  • Crisis Communication Planning – Crises are a part of life, and at some point nearly every company experiences one during the lifespan of their business.  Believe it or not, all crises have a consistent element that must be planned for in advance.  We can help you outline your plan, so that you’re prepared to handle the inevitable crisis.
  • Executive Speechwriting – As the leader of your company, delivering speeches can become a regular activity.  Let us develop a memorable speech that will relay your messages clearly and showcase your personality.