How to design complete identity and website for Trojan Storage.
Chris & Jose breakdown the Trojan Storage rebranding as a case study.

Table of Contents:

02:22 Q: How do you determine the design style/approach?
03:57 Identify Demographics & Psychographics of Users.
04:28 A designer needs to have empathy + imagination.
04:53 Mindwalking exercise: get in the mind of the customer.
06:31 Take action from the customer insights.
07:35 Defining the Brand (Culture, Customer, Voice, Feel, Impact, & X-Factor)
08:07 Scaffolding attributes in a brand positioning statement.
09:27 Competitor Design Research
10:36 Logo: How to translate visual keywords into design.
13:03 Fit Check: Establish Compatibility of design direction
16:28 Q: Before presenting stylescapes, did you first let clients know what to expect?
18:33 Quick Mockups: To show clients how the brand would work in real life.
20:30 Getting Feedback and balancing styles.
22:21 Q: How do you determine the voice and messaging?
25:20 Q: How do you manage the project with the client and team?
28:00 Straight Line System: Ideal versus reality (Jordan Belfort)
30:48 Benefits: Expanding the business relationship.
34:15 Design Tips
36:10 List of Classic Fonts

Key Takeaways:
Facilitate a conversation with the clients about the customers.
Stylescapes: Show different design concept directions that are a mashup of the brand attributes.
Design the site so that the business has leverage in how people determine the value of their business.
Simple classic design with beautiful fonts helps you to create flexible designs for many applications.
Looking through the eyes of the user with brand attributes can help you with copywriting.

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