Dave Shea – A Brief History of Web Design – btconfDUS2015

A talk from beyond tellerrand // DÜSSELDORF 2015.

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A Brief History of Web Design

The web is almost 25 years old, but the chances are that your professional career started much more recently than that.

Web design has been around almost since the beginning, but what it means to build a web site has changed as dramatically as the web itself. From grey backgrounds to font tags and tables, from simple style sheets to responsive sites, from 640×480 to the thousands of screen sizes we encounter today, the march of progress continues.

But as we move forward, it’s useful to consider lessons from the past. And that’s a rapidly-fading past; links rot. References fade. Information disappears. During a career that started during the Browser Wars, Dave has seen a lot of it first hand, and would like to reminisce about how things were so we can avoid repeating past mistakes.

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