Corporate Identity Kits

Atlanta Web Design Solutions helps organizations shape and grow their unique brand with distinctive logos and wordmarks. Let’s strategize how to strengthen and improve one of your most valuable assest—your brand identity.

It’s quite simple. What makes a first impression of you as a person? What makes you remembered? The way your face look and how you are dressed.

Your logo design and your business identity give a most important impression of what you are doing and how professional your services are. Personal logo is the same important as any business that wants to present a professional image and work on establishing customer recognition (otherwise known as branding). With our experiences and creative skills your logo will be unique, attractive and custom made only for your purposes.

We don’t know about you but we will listen you carefully and we will match your dreams to your budget.

What we offer

  • Unique custom logo designs
  • Logo design done in one week
  • 2-15 different logo design samples
  • 2 to 5 logo designers for each project
  • New logo will be suitable to use for print and web
  • Unlimited logo revisions and changes

We make modifications as many times as needed until logo is not fully accepted and approved by you. Final logo will be provided to you in 10 formats for all needs

Why do i need corporate or brand identity?

What is corporate identity? Corporate identity is the pieces, aspects, ideas, methods and techniques a company uses to differentiate itself from the rest. When a brand is associated with a color, a combination of colors, shapes, pictures, phrases, music, etc. a corporate identity is becoming necessary and important part. It’s well known that a company or business that has a consistent corporate identity is taken much more seriously and are much more successful than those that don’t use own style guidelines.

Why should you order corporate identity design from us? Because we can help you create a powerful recognizable corporate identity that gives uniqueness to your company. Professional identity can give you an enormous advantage over your competitors. Look at your desk right now. You will immediately notice brochures or folders which are well designed.

We offer different corporate identity packages which can include logotype, business cards, envelopes and stationery, but we can also provide any other pieces, such as brochures, posters, CD labels, booklets, stickers, etc., even industrial and design works or complete Brand Book.

The development of a corporate identity project always starts with the design of the company’s logotype: the most representative element of a company. Its shapes, colors, fonts, look and feel will be transported to the other pieces that will form your corporate identity. That is, the other design pieces that make up your company’s corporate identity will be developed to match this logo.

Once the logo design process ends, we deliver a logo manual: a small handbook with the general design guidelines that we suggest for your brand. Then we continue to develop the simplest pieces: business cards, envelopes, etc. This way we make sure you are satisfied with the logo before we use it to create the rest of the corporate identity package.

When these pieces are finished, we continue with the more complex ones: brochures, booklets, catalogs, etc.

What makes business logo a good logo?

The logic behind design and artistic aspect of a logo is one of the most significant issues. The logo’s artistic quality must be a factor to get attention in order to make a lasting impression. It must show the company’s strength and qualities. It should not be destructive or strange, but rather unique and stand out from a crowd of many other.

If you have a web site, your business logo should be on every page of your site. Many companies also feature their business logos on any promotional materials they hand out, such as mugs, calendars, and key chains.

A good business logo helps your customers remember your business and many people remember images better than they remember words.

The purpose of all this business logo reproduction is to separate your business from the rest of competitors and build brand recognition and preference.

A business may sell products, but the service it offers is what makes them who they are. For example, a cellular company who sells phones with their name on it would need a logo reflecting its service.

The logo or slogan has to be simple and short, yet very easy for even the sub-conscious mind to remember. Complex colorful logos combined with ten colors are attractive, but not very practical. The cost of advertising or printing a ten color logo will be much more expensive. Most small businesses need a color logo that is clear enough to read. Your logo must look good in black and white, in small or big size even on a fax machine, printed on a brochure, business card, stationery or as a web page graphic.

Contrast, brightness, tone, voice, and color is another factor in successful logo design. Logo should work the best for the group of customers you want to attract. Think clear contrast and simple shapes when thinking of business logo design. Colors are powerful. Different colors have different associations and can present powerful messages in themselves.