Atlanta Pay-Per Click Advertising

What is Pay Per-Click advertising?

Pay Per-Click advertising, or known as PPC, is an easy and quick way to draw visitors to your site. Pay Per-Click advertising is in the “Sponsored Links” section we’ve all seen on Google.

Why would you use Pay Per-Click advertising?

Adding Pay Per-Click advertising allows your site to be seen alongside the top ranked sites on Google when visitors search keywords you have in common.

Is Pay Per-Click advertising expensive?

Pay Per-Click’s can be worked into almost every advertising budget. You simply set any monthly amount you’d like to spend and you are only charged for clicks your advertisement receives.

Can anyone learn to use Pay Per-Click advertising? 

Pay Per-Click advertising is easy to manage. It is a very straight forward way of advertising, allowing your business to be seen while your Atlanta Search Engine Optimization takes effect.

How effective will my Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign be? 

Because it is based on “pay-per-click”, it is important to target the right audience for your site. Our marketing department will do a thorough analysis to determine the best relevant keywords to drive traffic to your site. Each click should be relevant to what you offer, therefore increasing the return of your investment.