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Affinity Photo is a new amazing photo editing software by Serif and it is being seen as a Photoshop competitor. In this hands on review, I do a complete walk through of Affinity Photo the new software for photographers and designers. This software is super powerful and is a competitor with Adobes photoshop but only cost’s in the app store.

It’s available for mac and windows right now and is really turning a lot of heads. One of the heads it has turned is Apple’s. At their 2017 WWDC they unveiled the power of their new iPads by showing off the new Affinity Photo App for the iPad which I also have and will be reviewing. The desktop app is just as impressive and has the capabilities to do image editing, photo manipulation, design for print and web graphics. It comes jammed pack with tons of features and In the video, I cover some but not all of them.

It’s great for cutting out subjects, making tone and color corrections, building beautiful composites and more.

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